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We Provide Helpful Information on our Shop Pages

As you click each category of our Rock Solid Store you will find helpful information regarding our products gained from years of experience. We’ve placed this information where it is most helpful and accessible: on our SHOP PAGES! Simply by shopping, you will acquire insights regarding running youth centers and what products are best suited based on your youth center needs.

Working Together

At Rock Solid Teen Center our approach is collaborative. We’ve listed products that we believe are the best value for your money. But if there are other items that you would suggest, we’d like to hear from you. The better the products and the lower the cost the better it is for all involved. Just email us at info@rocksolid.us.

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For those interested in building a Youth Center from the ground up, it begins with simplicity of design and using methods and materials that will lower the cost significantly. Our generic design achieves these objectives. However, we have a flexible approach to consulting: If you need help in a particular area, we’ll take charge. If you have some of your own ideas regarding the facility or programming, we’ll give you the flexibility you need to achieve your objectives. Combined with our best for less products Amazon Affiliate products, we can save you even more money.

Other Suppliers

Even with their incredible list of products, sometimes we just can’t find what we’re looking for on Amazon. On those rare occasions, we will post our best for less products and their links so that you can find the best value for your money.