120 DB Loud Door and Window Open Alarm Sensor 3 Pack

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LOUD ALARM: The 120 DB security alarm is perfect for signaling to you when there is an unwanted entry. Audible at over 750 feet it sounds loud so the person knows they should stop what they are doing. Great for prevention, protecting your children’s rooms, or stop anyone from sneaking out or in.

WIRELESS ALARM SENSOR: No wiring is necessary and 3 LR44 batteries are included in each device. Made to last 6 – 12 months these batteries in the alarms will be charged for extended periods of time. When it’s time to change, you’ll know. With the intuitive low battery indicator, you can easily find out when you’ll have to change the batteries.

EASY TO INSTALL: The wireless security alarms can be installed anywhere with an opening. Simply use the adhesive provided and tape it to wherever you need it! Windows, doors, and entrances are simple and straightforward with the alarm. The minimum distance for the device to work is 15mm (0.6 inches), so when installing make sure to get both pieces of the alarm as close as possible.

120 DB Loud Door and Window Open Alarm Sensor 3 Pack

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