4 Pack Bluex Bulbs Disco Party Lights, Sound Activated

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Strobe Effect. Liven up any party with Bluex Bulbs Party Light indoors. Each light in this 4 pack is furnished with RGB LEDs, illuminating single- or multi-colored combinations to produce colorful lighting effects in beautiful abstract patterns.

Decorative Lighting. Perfect for homes, nightclubs, bars, theaters and halls, these Bluex Bulbs Disco Lights dance party lights will turn any setting into a spectacular light display. Use them for holidays, weddings, birthdays, dance parties, concerts and other festivities.

Remote Control. Easily change the color, mode and rotating speed of these Party Disco strobe light for parties with a simple press of a button. The included remote controls allow you to choose among three sound-activated modes, seven lighting modes and rotation speed.

4 Pack Bluex Bulbs Disco Party Lights, Sound Activated

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