BlNBOK Switch Controller for Switch/Switch Lite/Switch OLED Price: $33.99 (as of 09/23/2023 19:00 PST- Details)

【Unique Cracking Process】The BINBOK team has developed switch controllers with an extraordinary surface coating using a unique cracking process. Every wireless controller undergoes a rigorous inspection to ensure that each one is unparalleled! The pattern of the crack on the controller you receive will be completely random and unique.

【Upgraded surface coating】 Enhancing the unique surface material of the Switch controllers to make them more comfortable. The delicate tactile experience offers a distinct gaming sensation.

【8 Colors LED Light & Various Modes】The beautifully designed adjustable LED light comes in eight different colors, making this switch controller the coolest one yet! It has seven-color and rainbow LED light options, as well as various light modes to choose from. You can easily change the style of the light with the touch of a button!

【High Compatibility & Wireless Connection】Play whenever and wherever you like with this controller! Its high stability and low delay wireless connection helps eliminate the distance limit of a wired switch controller, providing a free and convenient gaming experience. (Please note that it supports wake-up.)

BlNBOK Switch Controller for Switch/Switch Lite/Switch OLED