Diuerma Laser Tag Set, Infrared, 2 Guns and Vests

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Multifunctional Laser Gun: Laser Tag Gun Set includes 2 guns and 2 vests. 2 teams can fight with a display to see the lives and team data. Choose from 4 gun types: Single Shot / Laser Gun / Machine Gun / Plasma Gun. 4 teams to choose from. Favorite mode for fierce and exciting battles.

Easy to set up: Open the battery case and insert the battery with the correct transparency. The laser tag uses 4 AAA batteries and the breastplate uses 3 AAA batteries (batteries not included). Build teams, switch modes, and experience exciting combat games. In your home, garden, or other outdoor area.

Security: The laser gun does not emit the actual laser beam and does not damage the eyes. Parents do not have to worry about their children being injured during laser play. Easy to handle even for young children.

Diuerma Laser Tag Set, Infrared, 2 Guns and Vests

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