Party Lights Disco Ball, Pattern Projection, Sound Activated Price: $49.99 (as of 09/12/2023 18:15 PST- Details)

✅Combination effect: BUCLHOZ Party lights, Combine the dazzling effect of stage lighting and the colorful atmosphere of a disco ball, you can choose LED mode or pattern projection mode or both through the remote control,such multi-effect combination to create a more wonderful atmosphere.

✅Lighting Mode: Party lights are composed of RGB color disco ball lights and red and green pattern projection stage lights, the best coverage area of a single party light is 300 square feet, and the maximum can cover 600 square feet, you can buy multiple combinations to use, you can Covering a larger area, the party light has 3 sound activated modes + 3 self-propelled modes + 1 blasting flash modes. When using voice-activated mode, the lights flash to the rhythm of the music, which is so cool.

✅Intimate design: Equipped with a new generation of remote control, the buttons are elastic and feel comfortable; there are button instructions on the remote control, easy to operate; with button indicator lights, the lighting mode can be accurately switched within a control distance of 50 feet [You need to prepare 2 sections by yourself AAA battery]. We are attentive, you can rest assured.

Party Lights Disco Ball, Pattern Projection, Sound Activated

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