Rechargeable Laser Tag 360° Sensors + LCDs, Set of 4 Price: $249.99 (as of 09/23/2023 19:00 PST- Details)

The most innovative laser tag set yet: Lock ’n load for a fight for domination! Strap on your vest, grab a gun, check your ammo, and transform your backyard or basement into a battle zone for an ultra-hi-tech laser tag war. Run, hide, roll, take aim, and eliminate your enemies to win the game! Includes: 4 guns, 4 vests (front and back), and one charging station.

Rechargeable gear: You never have to stop the game action to change a few dozen batteries. The guns and vests are fully rechargeable! The set includes an innovative charging station to charge all the gear at once easily. You can play approx 8 games per charge.

360° Combat: 3 target zones (chest, back, and the gun) give your opponent no escape. Herosync & LCD HUD technologies – Trying to remember the score is never fun, so your guns and vests pair together! Lives and team data are automatically synced, and LCDs on the vests and guns allow you to check your status, even in the heat of battle – without having to rely on lights or audio.

Rechargeable Laser Tag 360° Sensors + LCDs, Set of 4

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