X-Shot Laser Tag, 4 Laser Tag Guns, 360° Sensor Goggles

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ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE: Unlike any other brand X-Shot 360° delivers maximum game-play fun with innovative 360° infrared technology integrated into the goggles.

NEXT LEVEL PERFORMANCE: X-Shot 360° comes with 2 and two 360° goggles. An unlimited number of players can be split into up to 4 teams. it can reach up to an incredible 180ft.

TRUE INNOVATION: The goggles within the 360° packs have three integrated sensors, creating an infrared halo around players, allowing an immersive 360-degree experience. This innovation makes it impossible to cheat during battles and makes the experience as realistic as possible.

X-Shot Laser Tag, 4 Laser Tag Guns, 360° Sensor Goggles

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UP YOUR GAME with the Laser360°. The new X-Shot range brings the ultimate laser-tag experience to you and next-level blasting fun. Players can team up or face off with opponents one-to-one in intense laser battles. Due to multiple sensors integrated into the goggles players can laser-tag their opponents from everywhere. Multiple sensors integrated into the goggles of the players create a 360° infrared signal around the head and body of the player and enable you to tag them from any direction. X-Shot is the first brand to introduce this feature to the market.