Xbox Vertical Stand Kit

Xbox Vertical Stand Kit


✅ Space-Saving Vertical Xlbox One S Stand: Save space on your desk or TV stand with the Xblox vertical stand for the Xbox One S console, which will hold your console in a vertical position and free up space for your controllers or games.
✅ Sleek Minimalist Design: The simple design will add more elegance to your gaming setup and easily match any decor style. The discreet, low-profile Xbox stand by Xblox is ideal for gamers who want a clean, minimalistic approach.
✅ Lightweight & Portable: The light yet sturdy material will allow you to easily adjust the stand kit without any issues. Plus, our stand will keep your console firmly in place.

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Xbox Vertical Stand Kit

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When it comes to useful accessories, a stand is what most gamers will choose as the top item on their lists. A stand can help keep your setup neat and tidy while protecting your console from accidents.

If you are looking for a simple yet effective way to display your gaming console vertically, look no further than the Xblox vertical stand kit.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose The Xblox Vertical Stand:

✔️ Slim, Sleek, And Sturdy: made to last, our elegant Xblox vertical stand will not draw attention from your console while ensuring a perfect fit.

✔️ 3D Printed in The USA: no need to settle for cheaply-made stands anymore. The Xblox vertical stand kit is 3D printed in the United States using superior-quality materials.

✔️ Easy to Install Stand: you can install and remove the stand in just a few seconds. Reorganize and rearrange your gaming setup without any worries.

✔️ Vertical Is The New Black: give your living room, dorm room, man cave, office, or bedroom a refined look with our vertical stand, which allows you to take advantage of the slim profile.

✔️ Secure Fit: the blocks are designed to lock onto the rubber feet on the bottom.

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Take your console gaming setup to the next level, save space on your table, and display your console in style.