Most of our suggested food products are kept frozen, so you will be purchasing most of your major food items from a supplier. Our flagship teen center uses Gordon’s Food Service. But your preferences and location of a store may be a determining factors. Some items, such as frozen pizza, can be purchased at a local grocery store, a Walmart, or Meijer’s. A local Dollar Store may have what you need when it comes to plastic supplies, utensils, and certain food items. If you’re located where your food service will deliver to your location, that’s the most convenient and time-saving option.
Here is a list of food items that can easily be cooked in your toaster oven or microwave:
  1. Chicken nuggets or strips
  2. Tater tots, or variations thereof
  3. Hotdogs
  4. Cheese sticks
  5. Burritos
  6. Egg rolls
  7. Pizzas
  8. Fish sticks
Our emphasis is on simplicity, so foods can be prepared quickly with minimal mess. If you have additional ideas for quick and easy foods or healthy foods that can be easily prepared, we want to hear from you. Please respond in the Comment section below.
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