It’s easy to find a toaster oven for less than $100 that has plenty of space and heats up to temperatures similar to more expensive models. What they’re unlikely to do is heat up nearly as quickly and, for some reason, it will heat up the food more slowly even when fully heated. So, if you’re using your toaster oven in place of a range, which is already saving you hundreds of dollars, go ahead and spend a bit more. Your toaster oven needs to be a real workhorse, and you don’t want to keep a group of hungry kids waiting for their food. If you still find yourself falling behind, buy more than one unit.
It would be great to have a kitchen range, in addition to a toaster oven. You can cook larger quantities more quickly. But in most instances, they come at a cost, not only the price of the range, but all the state and federal regulations, and the related expenses. If you can grandfather a new range into an existing facility, that’s great. Otherwise, be prepared to spend well over and above the cost of the range. Because of our priority of keeping costs down, we are not selling ranges in this store.
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