Pop and candy are the two items we sell at Rock Solid Teen Center. We also use them as rewards for a variety of purposes:
  • Locating a Bible passage.
  • Listening to a talk or presentation (which is voluntary).
  • Volunteering in the kitchen or cleaning up for a total of fifteen minutes.
  • We awarded a total of three such items to youths whose parents register them online.
We have found that without an incentive, it’s very difficult to motivate kids to read the Bible, listen to a devotional, or even register. The latter, registration, is critical to keeping emergency information on file and providing other critical information.
All other food items we give away for free as an expression of Christian love. Providing rewards for volunteering is a means of teaching a work ethic.
Here are the best-selling candy bars in America: 1. Hershey’s, 2. Reese’s, 3. Snickers, 4. Kit Kat, 5. Twix, 6. 3 Musketeers, 7. Milky Way, 8. Hershey’s Cookies ‘n Creme, 9. Almond Joy, 10. Dove Chocolate.
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