Security may not sound like an exciting topic, but when you can keep your facility safe and secure many potential problems can be avoided.
  1. Almost all areas should be covered by a surveillance camera.
  2. Make sure your camera has a hard drive for recording purposes.
  3. Keep remaining areas/rooms secured behind lock and key. We recommend even locking the restrooms and avoiding a lot of messes and trouble.
  4. Keep the keys in a secure location.
  5. Have one primary entrance where you can check everyone in and out. The use of a finger scanner is recommended.
  6. All other entrances should have a door alarm.
Our generic teen center design addresses all of these issues. And more than in any other area, this is where a renovated facility will pose the most challenges. But don’t worry, this is where we’ve had a lot of experience. We’ll work hard to tackle your security issues.
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