50 Great Object Lessons That Bring the Bible to Life

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50 Great Object Lessons That Bring the Bible to Life

There is nothing like an object lesson to bring learning to life!

Object lessons are NOT complete lessons in and of themselves. Instead, they are designed to bring the Bible to life within a larger lesson through hands-on, visual learning. They may also be used around your kitchen table with your own children, short children’s messages in church, backyard Bible clubs, 10-15 minute devotional times in children’s church, and dozens of other places.

When it comes to explaining the Bible to children and pre-teens, many parents and even Sunday school teachers are at a loss as to ways that really connect their children or students to God’s Word, bringing it to life in interesting and creative ways. Thankfully, 50 Great Object Lessons makes it incredibly easy!

Certainly, there are any number of excellent books that contain object lessons. However, many of those object lessons require supplies that the average person or teacher does not have. Moreover, those object lessons often require a couple of hours or more to prepare. That is not the case with this book!

Nearly every object lesson in this book uses supplies that are readily found in any home or classroom. Additionally, most of these object lessons require fifteen minutes or less of prep time.

This book is great for parents, Sunday school teachers, and Children’s Church workers. Hands-on, visual learning is proven to be the most effective way to increase subject retention, so grab a copy today and start bringing the Bible to life in a way that will be remembered!