A True Connection – Christian Devotional For Teen Girls:...

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A True Connection – Christian Devotional For Teen Girls:...

Help your teen face the challenging years of adolescence with the faith, wisdom, and encouragement they can only find with God.

Do you feel like your teen isn’t comfortable in her own skin, is unhappy with herself, or is increasingly breaking away from you?

Is she struggling to balance her faith with her desire to fit in with her friends?

Do you want to help her find her way through this confusing period in her life with God’s guidance?

A teenager’s life is packed with so much these days – schoolwork, friendships, family life, after-school activities, and more.

Your teen probably has so much on her plate right now that her relationship with God has taken a back seat.

And you might be seeing how it’s affecting her – through her sullen demeanor, her lack of motivation, or poor decision-making.

As a parent, you want to help, but teens often don’t want parents telling them what to do. The best way you can help is to give them the tools to figure things out for themselves.

This devotional was created to do just that. Filled with eye-opening insights and prayerful readings, and designed for a busy schedule, it will provide your teen with the guidance she desperately needs.

In this deeply personal and faith-based guide, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:

  • How to build a genuine connection with God through regular prayer, consistent reflection, and fervent desire
  • A handy Bible companion that will help your teen understand and gain valuable insight into Scripture whether she’s an avid Bible reader or not
  • Quick 5-minute devotionals that your teen can easily fit into her day, wherever she is, and whenever she needs it
  • Teen-focused advice covering the many issues teenage girls deal with every day, such as bullying, friendships, identity, puberty, and more
  • Guided prayers your teen can follow along with when she can’t find the words to express her thoughts and emotions
  • Bible passages with relevant messages, explained in simple terms that any teen can understand
  • Thoughtful and insightful reflections to encourage and comfort her through any difficult situation, and remind her of God’s steadfast love
  • Powerfully effective spiritual exercises to help your teen strengthen their faith and deepen their relationship with God

And much more.

Even if you feel like your teen is well-adjusted and happy, she can still benefit greatly from the wisdom in this book.

Any teen girl needs this guidance, especially when there are so many mixed messages being thrown at them.

As she grows and develops into a young woman, your teen needs God all the more.

When she learns to see herself with God’s eyes, she’ll discover how strong, beautiful, and loved she really is.

If you want to help your teen grow in faith, hope, and love, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.