Boys Devotional: Bible Devotions for Preteen Boys Aged 10-12 Price: $9.95 (as of 09/04/2023 16:48 PST- Details)

Boys Devotional: Bible Devotions for Preteen Boys Aged 10-12

Encourage Your Preteen Boy to Grow a Lifelong Relationship with God
A New and Refreshing Boys’ Devotional with 120 Insightful Devotions for Growing Boys

Even at a young age, you already understand that life isn’t always easy. Things can go wrong, and some events in life can be very hard to face. That’s why it’s important to keep yourself close to God. Remember, you are never alone.

As you read His word, you’ll begin to understand how God works in different aspects of your life.

Inside this Boy Devotional, you’ll find:

  • 120 devotions on preteens relevant topics
  • Each devotion starts with a scripture, an easy-to-understand and relatable explanation followed by Words of Wisdom to keep in mind.
  • These devotions are structured and grouped into 15 Major sections
    • PART 1: Finding My Real Value
    • PART 2: Becoming a Christian
    • PART 3: Overcoming Life’s Challenges
    • PART 4: Following Jesus
    • PART 5: Loving your family
    • PART 6: Cultivating Friendships
    • PART 7: Being a Christian at School
    • PART 8: More than Just a Game
    • PART 9: Knowing God
    • PART 10: Guiding Principles
    • PART 11: My Journey with God
    • PART 12: Becoming a Man
    • PART 13: I Am Unique
    • PART 14: When I am In Trouble
    • PART 15: Prayer Life

Gift Your Son or Grandson a Devotional to Inculcate Christian Faith at an Early Age.