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Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks 4

Even the greatest teachers know that nothing teaches like a great story. Which is why you’re holding in your hands yet another collection of 100 stories, parables, and anecdotes for youth group talks–the fourth installment of the best-selling Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks series compiled by Wayne Rice. These imaginative, thoughtful, read-‘em-off-the-page yarns are perfect for bringing youth talks to life, whether your stage is Sunday school, camps and retreats, small groups . . . even parent meetings!These all-new, teenager-tested tales are straight from the “Illustrations That Always Work” files of veteran youth workers such as–Kara PowellRick BundschuhSonny SalsburyTim TimmonsLes ChristieChuck WysongDarrel Pearson–and many others! Whatever your talk is about–salvation or self-image, adversity or alcohol, marriage or missions, God or greed–you’re sure to find the perfect illustration for it in these pages.PLUS, you’ll get–A topical index to all illustrationsTips, strategies, and guidelines for choosing and using these anecdotesSuggestions at the end of each story for ways to tie it into your teachingDive into more than a year’s worth of spiritually rich narratives that will enliven your teaching and help make God’s truth a little more concrete for your students.