Complete sound systems can be purchased on this website. A step up is to buy individual components. Here is a very generous rule of thumb regarding wattage: Under 500 sq. ft: 20-100 watts; 500-100 sq. ft: 100-500 watts; 1000-2000 sq. ft: 500-2000 watts; Over 2000 sq. ft: 2000-4000 watts
Most folks purchase more than they will ever need. If you can test a sound system of a particular wattage, you’ll have a much better idea of your requirements.
Systems have become more complex in recent years. Some mixers have built-in amplifiers, as do some speakers. Make sure to read the product description to know what you are getting. For example, a mixer combined with amplified speakers may not require an amplifier.
Amazon product prices are constantly changing. We update them often, but we cannot guarantee an accurate price until you go to the checkout page.
We identify Amazon’s Choice products to help you make the best choice!

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    8 Channel Mixing Console, Bluetooth & MP3 Recorder

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    ♫【Specification】-Input: AC 110V 50Hz 18W; Output: AC 18V X 2 350mA; Material: ABS; Color: Black&Red; Size: 400 x 340 x 37 mm
    ♫【Mono/Stereo Channel Input】-This mixer has a dedicated stereo and carries a peak hold monitor. + 48V phantom power, support wired/wireless/condenser microphone input, high-quality microphone. The maximum input capacity of the microphone or line is +34 dBu, Bluetooth, and MP3 player/recorder, with a simple human-computer interaction interface. It’s a very good mixer
    ♫【LCD Display Screen Operation】-This mixer has various working mode system settings, with an LCD display, allowing you to check its status at any time, making it more convenient for you to make great music.
    ♫【Professional Performance DSP Mixer】-Built-in digital effector/single-channel 3-band equalization/USB jack/Bluetooth wireless connection support, very suitable for professionals to use.

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    Atlas Sound MA40G Global Mixer Amplifier 3 Channel 40 Watt

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    3 Channel, 40W at 70V/ 100V, 1 balanced mic, line or Tel input with Phantom power, 2 unbalanced summing line level inputs, variable VOX mute Sensitivity for input 1, contact closure mute terminals, 50 Hz to 20 kHz, global power supply (100vac-240vac, 50/ 60 Hz), Phoenix and RCA connectors, compact 1RU 1/2 rack, 8.5″W x 1.75″H x 7.9″D.

    3 Channel
    40W at 70V and 100V
    One balanced mic
    Line or tell input with phantom power
    Two unbalanced summing line-level inputs
    included_components: Audio – Commercial

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    Behringer Europower PMP500 12-Channel 500W Mixer

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    Ultra-compact 2 x 250-Watt stereo-powered mixer

    500W Powered Mixer with Built-in FX Processor
    FBQ Feedback Detection
    7-band Graphic EQ

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    Behringer PMP500MP3 8-channel 500W Powered Mixer

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    BEHRINGER PMP500MP3 Ultra-Compact 500-Watt 8-Channel Powered Mixer with MP3 Player, Reverb, and Wireless Option

    8-ch Powered Mixer with 4 Mic Preamps
    Voice-Over-Priity Function
    Music/Speech System EQ
    +48V Phantom Power
    Per-channel EQ

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    Bomaite BO4-M Portable Karaoke Microphone Mixer System

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    Wireless microphones and mixers all in one: This Wireless Microphone System is also a sound mixer with 4 channel adjustable controller, allowing you to easily adjust the echo, tone, and volume of the mics and music to the desired level.Output the mixed audio signals to the speaker, home theater, or another sound system via 1 pair of RCA outputs and 2 6.5mm outputs (L/R).”
    “4-Channel Audio mixer: The mixer offers multi-device connectivity because it has 4 channels. It has 2 XLR microphone inputs, 1 pair of RCA inputs (L/R), 1 pair of RCA outputs, and 2 6.5mm outputs (L/R).”The mixer mixes music and vocals and sends the mixed signal to a soundbar or amplifier with connected output.
    “USB/Bluetooth Function: Compatible with USB/Flash reader/MP3, allowing users to connect an external USB stick or flash drive to stream music to the mixer. Bluetooth function allows users to wirelessly stream music from smartphones to mixed music. Integrated controls to play/pause/switch between modes.

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    Btuty 6 Channels Digital Audio Mixing Console, Amplifier

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    Particularly powerful with a full 150W + 150W amplifier.
    6 channels with XLR and Line mono inputs.
    Ultra musical 2-band EQ(HI & LOW) on all channels.
    Built-in 16 kinds of LCD display digital effects.
    Built-in 48V phantom power for condenser microphone use.

  • JBL Professional CSMA180 80-Watt Mixer/Amplifier

    $545.00$896.00 Select options

    JBL Professional CSMA180 Commercial Series 80-Watt Powered Audio Mixer/Amplifier

    Ideal for commercial and industrial use
    Sleek industrial look with illuminated rings, making them easy to see and operate
    4 inputs with 1 output of 80 watts of power
    Euro-block type mic/line input and output connectors, and unbalanced RCA inputs for consumer connection
    Supports 70V and 100V distributed audio systems without needing a separate transformer

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    MECCTP 8 Channel Mixer Sound Board Console, Amplifier

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    The 8-Channel Mixing Console bluetooth Audio Mixer has Ultra-thin and rugged chassis-sealed rotary controls to resist dust, it great experience touching to use this mixer. 8 Channel Live Studio Audio Mixer with Metal jacks, gold-plated XLRs, sealed pots, and switches
    Provide 48V Phantom Power, and connect to laptops, computers, and sound equipment. And USB/Flash Reader /MP3 or Bluetooth devices are very easy to connect this mixer to Mix & record; Built-in controls provide a friendly experience to play/pause, skip tracks, and switch between modes, the product needs to be used with an amplifier
    The 8 Channel Mixing Console bluetooth Audio Mixer are supporting XLR and an unbalanced 1/4″ plug with +48V phantom buttons, highly accurate LED peak level indicator,10-Segment Stereo Output Level METER, and ultra-musical 3 bands EQ on all channels; 60mm dust protected faders; 2-Track monitoring and replay to LR; Headphones and local monitor outputs; Ultra low noise mix head amp design; Dedicated stereo, peak-retaining monitor meters; Preamp +34dBu maximum input capability for mic or line

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    MUSYSIC [MU-P212FX] 8000W Powerful Audio Mixer – 12 Channels

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    MUSYSIC Powerful 8000 Watts Audio Mixer with Built-in 24-bit FX Processor packs a powerful punch with its advanced features and intuitive design, delivering a seamless mixing experience every time. With its mic preamps, stereo channels, and 24-bit DSP it can produce high-quality sound, creating a more engaging experience. The system is developed for professional use yet is very user-friendly. Our MU-P212FX is the ultimate audio mixing solution for music producers, DJs, and sound engineers.
    MUSYSIC Sound Board allows you to operate in both stereo (2 Inputs) and mono (12 Channels) balanced outputs with 7 Band EQ. All mono channels are composed of peak LEDs. It has a built-in 3 Band equalizer on every channel which gives you precise control over the frequency allowing you to shape the sound of your mix to your liking. Whether you’re looking to boost the bass, cut the mids, or change the frequencies, the GEQ and 1 AUX Per channel for external monitoring make it easy to do so.
    The MU-P212 FX Audio Mixer also includes a built-in Studio grade preamp with advanced technology (+48V phantom power) and high headroom that offers more dynamic range & ultra-low noise. Easy-to-use interface, with clear labeling and intuitive controls. Enhance the audio and add depth to the sound using its Built-in effects such as reverb, delay, etc., and the versatility they offer for enhancing audio.

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    NOVIK NEO MIXER NVK 8500-BT | 8 Channel Powered Mixer

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    Multi-channel powered mixer
    MP3 player / USB/SD connector
    LCD display
    Remote control

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    Pro 12 Channels Audio Mixer, Bluetooth, Amplifier

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    ★【HIGH QUALITY 】- 12 channels mixing console with 3-stage equalization regulation, by adjusting the knob to adjust the reverb depth and delay effect.
    ★【GOOD PERFORMANCE】- USB slot, it can be connected to a USB flash disk or MP3 and other portable audio equipment. There are 6 modes of music: nature, P0P, rock, jazz, classical, and country.
    ★【EASY TO OPERATION】- With USB input interface and LCD display as well as control buttons. Power and output level indicator lights for easy monitoring and operation.
    ★【PRODUCT FEATURE】- Ultra low noise mix head amp design. Analog effect processor. Bluetooth function to support wireless docking of most Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices.
    ★【WIDE APPLICATIONS】- Support to connect with wired/wireless/capacitor microphone, applicable to the family KTV, campus speech, meeting, etc.★ The product needs to be used with an amplifier!

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    Professional 8 Channel Mixing Console, Bluetooth, Amplifier

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    ★【HIGH QUALITY 】- Mixing Console 8 Channel bluetooth Live Studio Audio Mixer with Metal jacks, gold-plated XLRs, sealed pots, and switches.
    ★【GOOD PERFORMANCE】- Electronically balanced XLR outputs with +26dBu drive capability. Preamp +34dBu maximum input capability for mic or line.
    ★【EASY TO OPERATION】- USB/Flash Reader /MP3 or Bluetooth devices are very easy to connect this mixer to Mix & record; Built-in controls provide a friendly experience to play/pause, skip tracks, and switch between modes.
    ★【PRODUCT FEATURE】- 2-Track monitoring and replay to LR. Responsive 3 band EQ. Headphones and local monitor outputs; Ultra low noise mix head amp design.
    ★【PREMIUM CUSTOMER SERVICE】-★ Note-Product upgrade–the new model is different from the old model only in color, and the function is the same (new and old models are shipped randomly). Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions using our products, Our professional team will provide you with the perfect service.

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    Professional Audio Mixer, 4 Channel, Dual Wireless Mic

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    🎤【Product Feature】- R4 Pro 4 Channel Audio Mixer with 2 Wireless Microphones, The Mixer Has a Built-in Wireless Receiving Module. Turn On (MIC ON) in the mixer panel, and the microphone will automatically connect, Receiving a Distance of About 180 Ft, Mic Volume, Echo, and Equalization, Gain Can be Control From No.2 Channel
    🎤【Mic FM & Power】- Each Mic Has 10 Groups of Frequency Selection, UHF Wireless Microphone Frequency Is CHA 576.1-590.1Mhz, CHB 560.1-574.1Mhz, Microphone Powered from 2 AA Batteries And Fully Charged Battery Can Work For 4-6 hours
    🎤【Usb Audio Interface & Bluetooth】- The Mixer Audio USB Interface Can Be Used for PC/Phone Recording or Player Music, Need a USB To Phone Adapter To Connect To The Phone, Bluetooth 3.0 Cordless Music Transfer, a Transmission Range of up to 35 Ft, Bluetooth Name: BT-NSMIX
    🎤【Mic And Stereo Line Input】- Supporting XLR and unbalanced 1/4″ Plug with +48V Phantom button,3.5MM 5V Mic Jack highly accurate LED Peak Level Indicator and Ultra-musical 3-band EQ on 1、2 channels, PAD Button -20DB on NO.1 channel Can be used for high-sensitivity Signal, E.g guitar, Electronic musical instruments, bass

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    RibasuBB 8 Channel Audio Mixer, Sound Board Console

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    【8 CHANNEL INPUT】 8-channel mono microphone/line channel input, 1 set of stereo input, the interface is carefully crafted, the transmission is stable, the distortion is less, each mono channel has 3-band equalization, independent high-mid bass adjustment(Note: The product needs to be used with an amplifier! The mixing console itself will have bottom noise 60BD.)
    【SLIM BODY DESIGN】DJ mixer is lightweight and portable; its impact-resistant powder-coated metal chassis, Make the machine more drop-resistant and durable, it classic British potentiometer, knob-type potentiometer, surface bump, and non-slip design, better feel and more accurate adjustment.
    【WITH A MICROPHONE BALANCED INPUT JACK】Mixer audio is a high-quality microphone amplifier, with a built-in Bluetooth function, wireless docking of electronic devices, fast docking, wireless enjoyment, 6 music modes, natural pop rock jazz classical country.

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    Rockville RPM45 1800w Powered Soundboard Mixing Console

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    Features: Rockville RPM45 1800w Powered 4 Channel Mixer with USB, Effects, Phantom.
    RMS Power Output: …..225w x 2 @ 8 Ohm (Parallel mono). Program Power Output: …..450w x 2 @ 8 Ohm (Parallel mono).
    Features: Rockville RPM45 1800w Powered 4 Channel Mixer with USB, Effects, Phantom.
    1 1/4� Effect loop input/output. 8-ohm dual 1/4� speaker outputs. +15V phantom power. Fan Vent Cooling System. Dimensions: 5.75� x 19.44� x 9.5�. Weight: 18 lbs.