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Just think about this: By renting your facility to outside groups, you can cover most, if not all, of your utilities and operating expenses! Toward that end, colored floodlights can transform a neutral environment, which is ideal for many groups, into a cool-looking youth center, with just a flick of a switch.
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    100W Equivalent Led Color Changing Flood Lights

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    ❶16 Colors& 4 Modes: RGB floodlights with plugs 1.5m line length include 16 different colors and 4 selection modes (flash/strobe/fade/smooth), you can adjust the brightness and mode through the remote control, IP65 waterproof and dustproof perfect for indoor and outdoor, wedding, stage, courtyard, garden, landscape, etc.
    ❷Energy Saving + Safety: Outdoor led yard lights have CE and FCC, certified compared with traditional halogen lamps, our spotlights can survive for about 50,000 hours, saving more than 80% of electricity. The spotlight has no UV, IR, or other deleterious radiation. You can choose our CE and RHOS-certified products without any safety worries.
    ❸Durable: This Wall Washer Light features a die-cast aluminum housing with advanced aluminum heat sinks, a high-quality glass mask for up to 3 years of service, and a high-quality chip that is brighter and more durable than regular chips.

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    25W LED Flood Light Outdoor Indoor, DIY Color Changing

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    ☀【Bluetooth flood lights for outdoor/indoor】25W led flood lights(250W Equivalent) with app control, warm white & daylight white & combined, have 16 million colors and 20 Modes, including “DIY Jump” and “DIY Fade”. you can choose your favorite color, brightness, and modes for children’s birthdays, wedding parties, Halloween, Christmas celebrations, or other festivals.
    ☀【DIY Scenes Color Changing Flood Lights】 You can set multiple colors that you like to choose mode static, jump or breathe. Brightness and speed are adjustable. You can match it to your favorite scenes (such as party, yard, garden, garage, tree lights, uplighting for weeding, Halloween outdoor lights, Christmas lights, Valentine’s Day decorations, and other festival decorations, etc).
    ☀【IP66 Waterproof】 Outdoor led flood lights use Aluminum-alloy and potting glue. It won’t give in any elements and could work at a temperature of -25℃~40℃. No need to worry about harsh weather conditions such as rainstorms, snow, etc.
    ☀【Music Sync】When you choose the flash mode, the rhythm of the color change of the floodlight can be kept consistent with music (no need to import music to the app).

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    4 Pack LED Flood Light Outdoor with Stake, Color Changing

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    ☀ 【App Control & Bluetooth Connection】 With Bluetooth App Control, you can control your 15W led flood lights, freely change in 16 million colors, adjust brightness, and customize modes at your will. It is 150W equivalent, Dimmable, 2700-6500K White Light, CRI>85. These outdoor spotlights are well-suitable for landscape lighting, stage lighting, party, Halloween, Christmas decoration, etc,
    ☀ 【Group Control】 You can set 4 RGB flood lights at most for one group control. With dimmable white light, DIY RGB colors, 7 preset scene light modes, and music sync. You can set your favorite color, brightness, and modes for children’s birthdays, wedding parties, and festival decorations.
    ☀ 【Timer Setting & Memory Function】 Timer setting means you can set each RGB floodlight to turn on and off automatically at any time in individual light mode. They will stay at your last setting while reconnecting with the app again.

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    CREPOW 100W RGB LED Flood Light, 2 Pack Color Changing

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    【Ultra-brightness】100W LED floodlight equipped with 144 premium SMD LED beads, provides 120° beam angle and brightness up to 9000 lumens; 6000K daylight white offers a soft and uniform light with anti-glare and no shadows.
    【Upgrate Heat Dissipation】The design of die-cast aluminum housing, efficient cooling structure, and high-temperature glass make this outdoor led security lighting more durable and reliable. It can protect this LED floodlight from the impact of extreme weather.
    【IP66 Waterproof Flood Light】With IP66 waterproof rating and rust-proof and surface-treated with high-quality electrostatic adsorption, it ensures the light works properly in the rain, snow, heat or cold environment, provide a stable and bright light for gardens, yards, villas, parks, garage, swimming pool, rooftops, buildings, roads, streets, etc.
    【Easy installation & 180°Adjustable Angle】Equipped with US Plug, just plug and play. You could install it on the ground, wall, or ceiling via screws or install it in your garden via spike. 180° Adjustable bracket, you can could the adjustable it at any angle you want.

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    Govee Outdoor Lights, Flood Lights 2 in 1

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    Color Changing Light Effects: RGBIC technology enables separate light color settings, suitable for outdoor patio decor. Choose from 35 scene modes including Festivals and so much more with a simple tap on Govee Home App for Father’s Day decorations.
    Hands-free Control: With the Govee Home app, you can control Govee outdoor flood lights via WiFi or Bluetooth. Set timers to automatically turn it on and off. Works as a smart outdoor 4th of July decor compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant.
    Outdoor Festival Light Effects: Brighten up any outdoor party with these animated RGBIC flood lights. Light effects can sync to party and festival music with a mic on your phone. Design your own outdoor Fourth of July decorations, lighting, and parties.
    Endless Color Selection: Multi-color displays with a selection of 16 million colors, 2700-6500K warm/cool whites, and a brightness of 500 lumens. Dimmable lighting for each light enables colorful landscape lighting for Easter decor.

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    ILC LED Flood Light 100W Equivalent RGB Color Changing

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    iLC 30W Bluetooth RGBW LED color-changing flood lights and outdoor atmosphere lamp is controlled by BRlight APP. It has a variety of colors to choose from, 12 dynamic modes, 12 application scenes, and white light for daily lighting (warm white 2700K, CRI>85, 3000 lumens, equivalent to 300W). Colorful light adds atmosphere to your holiday and party. White light can be used for daily lighting, never idle. No registration! No network is required!
    [Colorful and DIY dynamic mode] iLC-led flood light outdoor supports full-color gamut color light adjustment and brightness adjustment. There are 12 dynamic modes for you to use during holidays, parties, birthdays, weddings, and barbecues. There is also a DIY dynamic mode, you can choose the color you need to flash and smooth. The preset dynamic mode allows you to get the atmosphere effect you want with one click. DIY dynamic mode meets your personalized needs.
    [Music rhythm] iLC-led flood light has the ability to make lights “dance” with music. Turn on the “music rhythm” function in the mobile app, and the lights will “dance” with the music. The Festival carnival, vitality party, and lights will cheer you up.

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    LED Flood Light 800W Equivalent 8000LM Smart

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    This is a Bluetooth-connected APP control color changing led flood light( No remote controller, only can be controlled by APP).

    “Control at your will”, ”DIY Scenes“ and ”Timing“ are just three of its many unique functions.

    How to get started with MELPO Bluetooth rgb flood light needed APP control.

    1, Scan the QR code on the manual to download the “BRmesh” APP from Google Play or IOS APP Store.

    2, Open the” BRmesh” APP, and click the ”+ ” in the upper right corner of the APP to add lights (lights don’t need to pair with your phone’s Bluetooth).

    3, Follow the ”Add guideline” to add lights.
    Check ” I have understood”, and click ” Enter to add” then immediately turn on the lights.

    4, Then light and APP will connect automatically, then click ”Finish” then you can change color/mode, set timing, or music sync.

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    LED Flood Light Outdoor 25W 4 Pack, DIY Color Changing

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    【COLOR CHANGING FLOOD LIGHTS】Monococo 25W RGB indoor/outdoor flood lights with provided remote controller. DIY 1000 different colors lights, brightness adjustable, 6 kinds of color changing patterns, including fade, dim, flash, and strobe. Pick your favorite color, brightness, and mode for your Halloween/Christmas Celebration, Birthday or Family Party, Garden, Landscape, etc.

    【TIMING & MEMORY FUNCTION】The RGB flood lights are easy to operate with the 44-Key remote controller, you can set the working time of the floodlights 3H, 6H, and 12H, and it will automatically stop after the set time. Memory Function makes the RGB flood light stay at your last set of color and light display mode when turned on again, no need to reset it.

    【DURABLE QUALITY & 100% WATERPROOF】Die-cast aluminum housing and efficient cooling design makes it more durable and reliable enough to withstand any harsh environment. IP66 waterproof rating RGB flood lights, special technology of filter membrane, and fully sealed protection design make it 100% waterproof. It can be installed in any outdoor environment such as the garage, porch, yard, patio, wall, pool, garden, tree, streets squares, etc.

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    LED Flood Light Outdoor 400W Equivalent, 5700K

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    Power: 40W, 400W Equivalent
    Color: 120 RGB Colors+ Daylight White(5700K)
    LED initial flux: 4000LM
    Dimmable: Yes, the brightness can be adjusted only via the remote control
    Mode: 4 preset modes + custom mode (DIY flash)
    Timing function: Yes
    Memory function: Yes
    Light beam: 120°
    Input:90-240V Universal
    Cable length:6.56ft / 2m
    Waterproof rating: IP66 ( Do not submerge it into the water)

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    LED Flood Light Outdoor 800W Equivalent 8000LM

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    [Super bright RGB LED Flood light with Bluetooth Control] 80W equivalent 800W, 8000LM. Smart led Floodlight dimmable, CRI>85, offers 16 million colors to choose from, RGB+Cool White (5700K). The Spotlight does not need a remote control, just download the APP “BRmesh” to control it. No registration is required! No internet is required! You can change 21 preset modes+2 DIY modes via APP. (You can choose Christmas mode, Valentine’s Day mode, Winter mode, etc).
    [Intelligent Group Control] The outdoor flood light color changing is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip and has developed the latest Bluetooth mesh technology, which can control multiple lights to achieve group control. You can automatically identify one of the main lights and control all the floodlights through your cell phone’s Bluetooth connection, which is easy to control and has a stable connection. It avoids the shortcomings of floodlights with infrared remote control and WIFI control.
    [DIY Scene] You can individually set the color or mode of the lights to create various atmospheres according to your preferences and needs, and then match them with your favorite scenes (such as party, barbecue, garden, garage, tree lights, weeding, gyms, sports fields, Halloween outdoor lights, Christmas lights, Valentine’s Day decorations, and other holiday decorations, etc.).

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    LED Flood Light Outdoor 800W Equivalent, Bluetooth

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    【LED Floodlight with BRmesh APP Control】Dimmable 80W, 8000LM, Warm White(2700K) + RGB multicolor flood light outdoor. It has colorful static color and 23 dynamic modes(21 Preset Modes+2 DIY Modes). CRI>85. Meet your daily lighting and decorative lighting needs. No registration, no internet required. Very convenient. (No need for remote control)
    【Bluetooth 5.0】Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip to realize Mesh function. The practical operation interface can control any number of lamps as desired. Easy to control, stable connection. It is an excellent solution for multi-light control, which solves the shortcomings of infrared remote control lights and WIFI lights.
    【Timing Function & Energy Saving】Our RGBW spotlight 24-hour timing function achieves the highest accuracy on the market, an innovative feature. Once set, the light will auto-turn on and off every day at a fixed time even if the phone is out of range. Uses super bright LED lights and a high-quality built-in constant current driver that ensures uniform lighting and long lifespan.

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    LED Flood Light Outdoor, 300W Equivalent 3000LM Smart

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    This is a Bluetooth-connected APP control color changing led flood light(No remote controller, only can be controlled by APP).

    “Control at your will”, ”DIY Scenes“ and ”Timing“ are just three of its many unique functions.

    Maximum Number of Devices: 100

    Dimmable: Yes (via APP only)

    Timing: Yes

    DIY Scenes: Yes

    DIY Flash mode: Yes

    DIY Fade mode: Yes

    Device Sharing: Yes

    MESH: Yes

    Color Changing: Yes

    Memory Function: Yes

    Modes: 12 system preset dynamic mode+ DIY Flash and DIY fade mode

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    LED Flood Lights RGB Color Changing 300W Equivalent

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    RGBW Flood Light – 30W,3300lm,Warm White Light(2700K),CRI>85.There are a total of up to 16 million color choices and 23 RGB color-changing modes in the flood light.No need for WIFI and you even no need to register a account.
    NEW Bluetooth Mesh 5.0 – Download the “BRmesh” APP, turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, click on the home page to add an, and it will automatically connect. You can control single-led flood lights or multiple-led flood lights to meet your needs with a super simple but useful APP interface.APP can control up to 64 lamps at the same time, this solved the shortcomings of IR remote control lights and WIFI lights very well. (Note: No remote control is required.)

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    LED Flood Lights RGB Color Changing 300W Equivalent

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    【Smart Led Flood Lights Outdoor/Indoor Use】This is a 30W RGB color changing led flood light needed APP Control, No registration nor internet required. Super bright:300W Equivalent,3000LM, CRI>85, Warm White (2700K), 1%-100% brightness, Flicker-free. These RGB floodlights outdoor have 16 million colors and 23 modes, including ”DIY Flash” and ” DIY fade” modes, group control, single control, strobe, DIY scenes, music rhythm, and timing function. You can use RGB flood lights as daily lighting, landscape lighting, stage lights, spotlight, strobe lights, accent lighting, ambient lighting, background lights, security lights, wall washer lights, etc.

    【New Tech】This is a 30W RGB led flood light needed APP Control. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip, Mesh function enabled. The practical user interface allows free control of any number of RGBW Smart floodlights as desired. The “BRmseh” APP can control up to 125 floodlights at the same time, Control distance of up to 30 meters this solved the shortcomings of IR remote control lights and WIFI lights very well. Easy to control, stable connection. Never have to worry about losing your traditional remote. When it rains or snows, you can easily control all flood lights outdoors at home.

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    MEIKEE 2 Pack RGB LED Flood Lights 600W Equivalent, Color Changing

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    【DIMMABLE COLORS & MODES】 There are 12 colors and 2 modes (flash/smooth) for you to choose from. With the 21-Key remote controller, you can control the led flood lights for your favorite color, brightness, mode, and color cycling speeds to match your theme and mood. One remote can control multiple RGB flood lights, and one flood light can be controlled by multiple remotes too. (Max 39.3ft/12m sensing distance & 360°sensing angle)
    【TIMING & MEMORY FUNCTION】 Timer function allow you to set the working time to 2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours( flash 2 times after pressing the timing keys means it starts timing ); the Memory Function makes the led flood light stay at your last setting when turning on again via remote control, no need to reset it!
    【EFFICIENT COOLING & EASY INSTALLATION】 Die-cast aluminum and tempered glass material, with efficient cooling design, making this color outdoor light more durable and reliable. And these MEIKEE outdoor led flood lights are very easy to install, no need for wiring, simply plug it in! With a US plug and 180° adjustable bracket, can be easily installed on the ceiling, wall, ground, etc.