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Kids tend to have a short attention span these days. One way to break through is to integrate fun activities with learning experiences. Some of these resources are hard to find, but we’ll keep searching to find you the latest and best.
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    101 Sunday School Activities on a Tiny Budget: Personal Enrichment, Spiritual Growth,...

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    How can you connect the children in your class to a source of spiritual strength that will support them through difficult situations, family problems, peer pressure, and the extreme competitiveness they will encounter in the academic, social, and business worlds? How can you as a Christian adult share with your students the experiences, the fulfillment, and the blessings that have come to you through your life of faith? This book will help you plan and implement a complete and rewarding Sunday school experience for children of any age. Whether you are a seasoned teacher or an inexperienced beginner, you will find valuable suggestions for:* organizing your time* customizing and teaching a Christian curriculum* managing your class* creating bonds of friendship* fostering spiritual and personal growth* delighting and entertaining your students so that they will want to keep coming back.

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    77 Bible Activities for Kids

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    77 Bible Activities for Kids is an educational and entertaining Scripture-based activity book for kids aged 5-8, filled with fun mazes, puzzles, join-the-dots, word searches, and crack-the-code games.

    77 Bible Activities for Kids is designed to entertain little ones while at the same time instilling in them a love for God’s Word. Kids will have fun joining the dots to see what swallowed Jonah or helping the animals find their way back to Noah’s ark through a tricky maze. The activities will occupy their attention and at the same time teach them about the Bible.

    This activity book is suitable for both boys and girls and will help develop critical thinking and creative learning skills as they solve all kinds of puzzles involving reading, and counting. This activity book is ideal for use in Sunday School and Christian homeschool curriculum. Keep one in your purse to keep your little one busy or gift it to other moms to use for their young children.

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    77 Fairly Safe Science Activities for Illustrating Bible Lessons

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    Nothing captures the attention of young people (and adults) like a creative object lesson. This hands-on book gives pastors, teachers, speakers, and homeschoolers 77 exciting science activities that reveal the order and grandeur of creation and encourage an appreciation of all God has made. These easy experiments illustrate the laws of nature, teach Bible principles, and affirm God’s power as Creator. With catchy or unexpected results, the demonstrations make Bible truth unforgettable. The clearly explained experiments use common household objects, require little setup, and are illustrated with pictures and diagrams.

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    77 Memory Verses Every Kid Should Know

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    Boys and girls aged 5-8 will enjoy memorizing 77 of the Bible’s key Scripture verses in this fun and engaging format. 77 Memory Verses Every Kid Should Know makes memorizing Scripture as easy as 1 – READ it, 2- WRITE it, and 3 – COLOR it!

    Repetition is the key to memorization, and this easy-to-use tool will help parents and Sunday School teachers sow the seeds of Scripture in their children’s hearts in a creatively colorful way.

    77 Memory Verses Every Kid Should Know is a creative tool to use in Sunday school or homeschool settings. Use the coloring pages to enforce memorization through color and then display the works of art in the classroom or on the refrigerator. This book makes an excellent tool for a Sunday school teacher or mom with young children. Keep a copy in your purse to use when little minds and fingers need occupying.

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    Best-Ever Games for Youth Ministry: A Collection of Easy, FUN Games for Teenagers!

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    This amazing book is filled with classic fun! The Game Guy is geared up and ready to give you tons of great games—including some brand-new ones—that are easy to pull off and field-tested with teenagers in many settings.

    Here’s what you’ll get:
    • Classic games with new twists
    • Indoor and outdoor games
    • Games that teach
    • Games that build community in your group

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    Christian Activity Book for Teens Volume 1: Word Search, Crossword Puzzles, and Coloring...

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    Christian Activity Book for Teens Volume 1 provides hours of learning and entertainment for Christian teenagers. This Bible activity book contains word search puzzles, coloring pages, and memory verses to help children strengthen their knowledge of Scripture. Bible activities include:

    • Word searches, with solutions on the reverse page, covering topics such as the Sermon on the Mount, the churches of Revelation, and the life of Solomon
    • Coloring pages containing Bible verses from both the Old Testament and the New Testament
    • Memory verses selected from popular verses and lined pages for rewriting memory verses to enhance the learning process

    This Christian activity book makes a perfect gift for teenagers who want to dive deeper into the Bible!

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    Games with a Purpose: 200 icebreakers, energizers, and games for youth groups

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    Games with Purpose mixes energizing, entertaining games with learning points to create an invaluable resource that will provide a fun introduction to hundreds of staple topics. There is something to suit every situation, from games needing little or no preparation or equipment, to big, memorable games that will stay with the group for a long time. The collection consists of mainly original game ideas, meeting the regular requirement for stimulating new games and icebreakers. Unlike other resources that simply seek to provide entertainment, Games with Purpose is categorized around popular topics providing youth workers with inspiration and ideas to help them to include games as a core component of their sessions, rather than just an add-on to dissipate surplus energy. Using themes from discussion starter resources The Ideas Factory and The Think Tank, this collection provides youth leaders with a complete solution – the book stands alone but by pairing these games with the discussion starters, youth leaders will have all they need to build a complete session.

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    GroupBuilder Games and Activities for Youth Ministry

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    Groupbuilder™ Games and Activities for Youth Ministry is divided into five sections, each designed to meet different needs within your group:

    • The Relationship Builders section encourages teenagers to get to know each other better and begin lasting relationships with each other. The games focus on both group and one-on-one relationships.
    • Teenagers often have a difficult time trusting each other. The Trust Builders section provides many different exercises to help teenagers open themselves up and trust one another more.
    • The Unity Builders section helps the group become a more cohesive unit through shared experiences; Teenagers will work together and rely on each other in these games.
    • The games in the Confidence Builders section build up individuals and encourage them to build up each other. These games will help teenagers gain personal and social confidence within the group.
    • Finally, the games in the Faith Builders section help teenagers grow their faith and their relationship with Jesus.
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    Help! My Games Stink: 52 Amazing Games for Youth Ministry

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    Jon D. Forrest has developed an essential resource for youth ministry leaders, volunteers, youth camp workers, and anyone called on to lead events with students. Filled with 52 creative, fun games for small and large audiences, this resource will draw your group together and create an environment where relationship-building and learning can take place. Jon Forrest also shares a relatable personal narrative based on his many years of youth ministry experience. He provides more than just games promoting group participation. He added an element of practical guidance on how to execute the game playing that is essential to a fun experience. The games are divided into categories for planning convenience. Added words of wisdom and encouragement for student ministry staff is provided in the final chapter of the book.

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    Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks 4

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    Even the greatest teachers know that nothing teaches like a great story. This is why you’re holding in your hands yet another collection of 100 stories, parables, and anecdotes for youth group talks–the fourth installment of the best-selling Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks series compiled by Wayne Rice. These imaginative, thoughtful, read-‘em-off-the-page yarns are perfect for bringing youth talks to life, whether your stage is Sunday school, camps and retreats, small groups . . . even parent meetings! These all-new, teenager-tested tales are straight from the “Illustrations That Always Work” files of veteran youth workers such as–Kara PowellRick BundschuhSonny SalsburyTim TimmonsLes ChristieChuck WysongDarrel Pearson–and many others! Whatever your talk is about–salvation or self-image, adversity or alcohol, marriage or missions, God or greed–you’re sure to find the perfect illustration for it in these pages.PLUS, you’ll get–A topical index to all illustrationsTips, strategies, and guidelines for choosing and using these anecdotesSuggestions at the end of each story for ways to tie it into your teachingDive into more than a year’s worth of spiritually rich narratives that will enliven your teaching and help make God’s truth a little more concrete for your students.

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    On the Spot, No-Prep Games for Youth Ministry

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    With all the demands of youth ministry, you are certain to encounter times when you need a fun game but don’t have a lot of time to prepare. With this book, you will always be ready. Inside you will find 20 no-prep games. Each 15-minute game is easy to use and rarely requires any special supplies. Whenever your teenagers need to have some “fun in a flash,” you’ll be ready. A must-have resource for every youth leader!

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    Ready-to-Go Youth Group Activities: 101 Games, Puzzles, Quizzes, and Ideas for Busy...

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    FULLY LOADED All Options, Extras & Side Items IncludedThese ready-made event packages are completely accessorized with everything you need to easily prepare and smoothly execute fun and instructive youth activities. You can spend less time on planning event details, and more time directly engaging your teens. These plans cover every detail, even laying out hour-by-hour schedules for you. Think of the convenience. Think of all the up-front prep time you can save. The unique benefit of the Ready-To-Go series is that these activity materials go beyond merely offering ideas. Ready to Go resources instead provide fully developed activity & event plans. These allow the youth leader to host youth events of substance & quality, with a minimal up-front time investment. It’s like offering a baked cake instead of a cake recipe & ingredients. Or, offering a fully-assembled ready-to-use playground set…instead of loose components in a box with assembly instructions. This book features 101 ready-to-go lessons that Youth Leaders can use in a Sunday School setting, in youth meetings, or in retreats.

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    The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Children’s Ministry

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    Games to help you reinforce a Bible truth, explore a Bible principle, and cement Bible learning. Fun, noncompetitive Bible games for lots of occasions: holidays, icebreakers, group builders, and road trips. Games that can be played in total silence, and games for those wild ‘n’ wacky times. Use fun like a magnet and draw children to the Scripture.

    In this encyclopedia, you will find 175 games to build rapport in your group and with God.

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    The Humongous Book of Games for Children’s Ministry

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    Have big-time fun making key Bible points! In this whopping collection, you’ll find just the right game for every lesson or ministry need. 220 games to super-size the Fun in Your Ministry! Always have a great big-fun game at your fingertips for any area of children’s ministry, daycare, or after-school programming! From creative children’s workers comes this tried-and-true colossal collection!

    Why just tell kids about David and Goliath and have them color a handout when you could play… Human Slingshot where kids link arms to make “slings” and launch paper “rocks” at a nine-foot high target (and then have a great discussion about the story)?

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    The Super-Sized Book of Bible Activities (Super-Sized Books)

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    Introduce important Bible lessons and stories to your kids with over 200 fun puzzles and activities! The search for fun and interesting activities for kids is an endless quest. This is where The Super-Sized Book of Bible Activities comes in―with mind-bending mazes, paper crafts, exciting bean bag games, and more!

    The beauty of this huge reproducible book is that kids can do these activities by themselves, with other kids, or with parents or teachers. Whether you’re using it between classes, after school, at snack time, or while waiting for parents to pick up their little ones, this incredible kids’ resource book offers creative activities for any situation. Each activity has:

    • A brief Bible story
    • A “what you need” list
    • “What to do” instructions